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Web Applications

Rich Internet Application Development

We have created professionally designed Internet / Web applications and solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. We realize every business is different and we take time to learn about our client’s businesses before we recommend a solution. By doing this we are able to recommend an integrated strategy to our clients to get the most out of their investment.

Our custom applications, offer your company an opportunity to develop a competitive advantage by using technology in a more productive or effective way than your competitors. Custom development does not have to be expensive. Our custom software solutions can become an efficient method for both industry leaders and small companies to reduce expenses and retain a competitive advantage.

We develop Web-based custom applications for businesses needing to streamline daily business operations. Our solutions help minimize redundancy when dealing with customer data, order entry, order tracking and other daily processes. Our software development cycle includes:

  1. 1.Discovery Phase
  2. 2.Planning Phase
  3. 3.Design & Development Phase
  4. 4.Acceptance Phase
  5. 5.Deployment Phase

We can help you identify technical options to improve business processes as well as design, create, and implement a solution. Our experienced team will find the simplest, most effective programming or application path without sacrificing performance.

IT Consulting

Your dynamic organization requires timely and reliable information that is also easy to obtain and understand so that you can make operative and strategic decisions in real time. IT consulting aimed at building optimal information delivery technology provides tools that meet the needs of enterprise management.

With years of experience, the specialists at En Interactive have gained the wide experience and practical skills that you can count on for professional recommendations on IT selection and application. The IT market is characterized by a constant barrage of new software products, technologies, systems, and other tools designed to increase enterprise resources utilization and open opportunities for new levels of development.

How do you determine which of these are right for you? Which meet your needs, and which don’t?

As your consultant, En Interactive is the pilot who charts a safe course through the tumultuous sea of information technologies. However, you are still the captain of your ship, we only suggest optimal and effective solutions.

Effective use of a consultant not only solves the problems that enterprises encounter, but also increases the efficacy of company activities in general and/or raises the labor productivity of each individual employee, as well as creating competitive advantages and leading your company to a new business level. Open Source Projects – Implementation & Customization

Open Source Management

Customizing & Implementing of Open Source Projects

Santech Systems is a firm votary of Open Source Software development movement and believes that it is advantageous to the customer because “In an Open Source world nobody gets to hold the customer to ransom”.

We at Santech Systems believe in investing in thought for the customer and software research is a dedicated and well-supported activity in our organization. Customizing Open Source development applications innovatively for wide adoption by customers has been the focus of our software research in the recent months. En Interactive also put in place pool of professionals experienced in offering Linux based services as part of our offerings in the Open Source domain.

Web Applications in PHP / MySQL (LAMP)

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web based software applications and can be embedded into HTML.PHP generally runs on a web server, taking PHP code as its input and creating Web pages as output.

It is a robust, server-side language that can offer a great deal of functionality and allows web developers to create dynamic content that interacts with databases.